Professional Introducers


Professional Introducers

We believe that clients receive better overall advice when one hand knows what the other is doing. That’s why we prefer to work alongside our clients’ other professional advisers to ensure that together we are providing the best and most coordinated advice.

Professional advisers may include accountants, solicitors, stockbrokers and other specialists in particular fields. We are all regulated, and all have particular areas of expertise, yet there can be an overlap in advice.

For example, an accountant may recommend pension contributions to reduce tax, but not be authorised to advise which pension.

A client’s solicitor is the best person to draw up their wills and bespoke trust arrangements while we as their IFA can assess how they can minimise their tax liability, and maximise what they can pass on ensuring any proceeds go to the right beneficiaries at the right time.

In order for the trusts and wills to work effectively and in tandem, good communication between us and our clients’ solicitors can be invaluable. We also work with solicitors where they specifically act for their clients as Powers of Attorney and Trustees.


How we help Professional Introducers 

• If you oversee a trust, we can review its performance and suitability

• If you have a client who sells a business, inherits or receives a significant claim, we can help them invest wisely for their future

• If you have a client who is paying too much tax we can explore pension and other tax planning opportunities for them

• If you have a client needing later life specialist advice or considering releasing equity, we have the expertise to help

• If you have a client seeking advice on what they need to do with regard to corporate or personal pension planning, or retirement, we can help.


Having complete independence, we are able to recommend whatever and whoever we feel will be most suitable to assist our clients.

Baker Davies Ltd has directly authorised and regulated IFAs since 1995. By ‘directly’ we mean firms who operate their own systems and controls to meet the regulatory requirements. This means Baker Davies are independent of any controlling company network or group.  The advantage is that Baker Davies has more flexibility to do what’s in the best interests of the clients because those making the decisions are on the ground, not in a distant network or head office, overseeing hundreds of advisers they don’t really know.

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