Simon Radley

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Simon Radley

Simon Joined Baker Davies in 2008 and works mainly from the Salisbury office right next to Salisbury Cathedral.

Simon began giving Independent Financial Advice in Wiltshire in 1994, utilising many of the interpersonal skills he learnt in previous roles in the industry. While offering advice in all areas of financial planning, he specialises in providing investment advice, retirement planning and inheritance tax mitigation.

Simon’s strengths are in developing successful client relationships, which he has done over many years, and his ability to make technical issues less complicated for clients to understand. He provides honest, straightforward and friendly advice. Simon has clients from all walks of life and all different ages, from retired to those just starting out in their working life.

Areas of advice

“The bulk of my clients are either planning for retirement or are already retired and looking for income to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. I am pleased that I am now advising the children of some of my clients as this shows that I am doing things right.”

Simon also looks after some Group Pension Schemes and advises employees as to how best to fund their retirement, and when they retire, how to draw the benefits from their pensions.

What’s the best thing about being an adviser with Baker Davies?

“The relationships I build with clients I see year after year. It’s wonderful to see how their lives develop, and their families and businesses grow.”

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