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Tony Davies

Tony was approached by accountant Jeff Baker in 1998 to set up Baker Davies to ‘look after his clients’ financial planning needs. By 1999 Baker Davies was formed, with Pete also joining as business partner as his skills and knowledge complemented Tony’s.

Areas of advice 

Tony became an Independent Financial Adviser in 1986 and has advised many people in many areas of financial planning. These days he tends to specialise in wealth management for those who want an overall investment and financial planning strategy.  Typically including investment advice, inheritance tax planning, income and capital gains tax planning, to help clients achieve their goals.

What do you enjoy most about your role as an adviser?

“You may be surprised to know that one of the best things about my role is being in a position to encourage my clients to spend and enjoy the fruits of their labour. ”  



“It’s great developing long term relationships with clients and their families, and being there as they go through changes. Sometimes I also liaise with clients’ other professional advisers, for example regarding inheritance tax planning.”



“To me, good financial planning is all about the people, getting to know them, what’s important and using financial planning to enable them to enjoy their lives.”

Tony also has a keen interest in the markets which helps in his role within the investment committee.

Tony’s role as Managing Director

As Managing Director along with Pete, I make decisions about the business and oversee the financial advice process and financial security of the business.

“I have seen a lot of change in financial services since the 1980s and decided when I set up Baker Davies, that building long-term security into the business was key. We don’t take big risks with our clients’ money, or with the business. It seems to be working; we have done virtually no advertising, almost all clients are introduced or recommended to us, and we have increased in size and strength despite rocky times for a lot of other IFAs.”

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