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Care Now Service and Later Life Specialist Planning

Baker Davies offers a range of help for existing and new clients, power of attorneys and guardians.   We recognise the importance of being able to look after our client right through their life journey. 

For this reason, within Baker Davies, there are specialist advisers who are Associate Members of SOLLA (Society of Later Life advisers), and we have developed our Care Now Services for Later Life Planning see below.

We also offer specialist equity release advice, for people who may be considering releasing equity from property.

We offer inheritance tax planning, (which is not just relevant to people in later life). 

This is relevant to people of all ages whose estate exceeds the IHT threshold. Indeed, the sooner one plans for it, the more financial solutions are available. Many solutions will give you control of your wealth while reducing the value of your estate for IHT.


Sometimes a concern about what one might need in later life can delay considering IHT planning. Having later life specialists within Baker Davies means that we can provide the specialist information to help.

“Clients will often be fearful of spending money now because of both coming from a generation of savers as well as their perceived worries about later life care costs. We are able to help clients to get to a point where their future needs are addressed which gives them the ability and freedom to spend money now and enjoy life more fully today.”  Tony Davies

What is later life?

Later life and getting older is different for everyone. Some people will stay happily independent in their own home coping magnificently, enjoying a full and meaningful social life. Later life for them may involve planning how to maximise income from investments and assets to enjoy life as much as they can.   

For others, gradual change or a sudden illness can lead to home becoming difficult, scary and even dangerous as they can’t manage to do the things they used to. Some people want to downsize, others want to get home help or gardeners and stay put in a larger property. 

Some people find life has become lonely and they would like to move to some kind of assisted living for company, as well as practical help.   When a person is no longer able to care for themselves or even make decisions for themselves, their family or guardians will be appointed to do what is in their best interests.  

Baker Davies
Care Now is a specialist service for people interested in long term care, whether in their own home or in a care home. 

This is a very emotive issue, and financial advisers need to be particularly sensitive to the needs of potentially vulnerable people. The regulator requires advisers operating in this area to have passed exams to demonstrate appreciation of how to operate with vulnerable people. In addition, they have to prove their technical knowledge about the various benefits available and the specialist financial products which can form part of the funding solution.

The Care Now Service may be offered as a stand-alone service selected from our menu (which you can download) for people who need solutions NOW. 

Older retired clients receiving the Wealth Management Service, may also be interested in knowing more about potential future costs of care or understand what options are available for care.

Worrying about the future also takes away enjoyment of the present, so access to advice now can help take the stress out of future care planning.

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If you are wondering what kind of care you could afford and how you would pay for it, we can help. We guide you through your options and consider the best ways for you to fund the care you want, so that you don’t miss out, or run out! Find out what services we can offer.

Our Care Now Service takes the stress out of care planning and funding decisions and helps you put into place an action plan. Find out how we can help you.

A Long Term Care Annuity is a guaranteed income to pay for some or all of your care costs. It provides peace of mind that the specified income will be paid indefinitely. Find out how it works and when it is useful.

Equity Release helps you release the money tied up in your home which could help you now. Find out more and how we could help you.

Baker Davies is proud to have Associate Membership with SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers).

SOLLA later life advisers specialise in the financial needs of older people and have met the recognised benchmark for advising the older client market. This offers you and our clients the added reassurance and peace of mind that we can offer the practical help and guidance needed to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Getting access to the best help for you and your loved ones.