Monitoring Investments

Baker Davies provide the Wealth Builder, Wealth Management or On Track Review services tailored to your needs.

 In each case, a future review date will be agreed with you. Your dedicated adviser can chat through the options and help you decide the more appropriate method and frequency of reviews for your circumstances.  

Your review will begin the financial planning cycle again – with Stage 1 referring back to your goals and aspirations and recording what else is important now. Updating the facts about your financial situation including your income and outgoings. Checking your attitude to risk and capacity for loss. Referring to your strategies and reviewing the performance of your investments.

In between reviews, if your circumstances change or if something comes up that you want advice on – please contact your adviser. You will also receive summaries of your investments and policies and have your own dedicated Client Account Manager (CAM for short) for help with anything to do with paperwork and administration etc.

Fund monitoring

We continue to monitor the performance of the individual funds we recommend for you. We also make adjustments to the Baker Davies Model Portfolios, altering the funds or weightings within each model to manage the risk and take advantage of opportunities. We upgrade your model portfolio for you, each time we make changes, subject to your approval of course.

If you are interested, your adviser can explain more about our investment philosophy, the use of forward looking stochastic modelling, our very structured quantitative and qualitative comparing of historical performance, and how our investment committee guides our tactical moves.